Warranty of BearFitness® products

BEARFITNESS® products are covered by a guarantee of duration depending on the type of product, which will guarantee the same from manufacturing, treatment, material and functionality defects. The warranty right can be exercised only by the original owner, who will have to prove the ownership documents of the product itself, whether purchased new or used by our company. Warranty claims are not transferable to third parties, unless agreed between the new owner and the BEARFITNESS company. The guarantee is valid from the date of receipt of the product.

All products are covered by the acceptance guarantee, where the customer can request the replacement of the product if it detects, within 10 days of delivery, evident manufacturing defects that compromise its use in its functionality.

Products deemed damaged or defective must be sent to our office at the customer’s expense and cost, only if the product is deemed to be within the guarantee criterion after inspection by our Quality Department, replacement will be arranged.

The warranty will not be valid in the event that any type of breakage and / or damage to the products occurs, caused by improper use and / or incorrect installation and / or incorrect maintenance and / or alterations of the product.

The warranty does not apply to any damage to property and / or people and / or animals, during the unpacking, assembly and / or during their use. Consult all information relating to the product, its use and installation instructions.

The warranty does not apply to defects generated by the standard use of the product. Example of this situation: the loss of color due to rubbing of the user, chipping due to contact with metal products during its use, erosion of the hemp ropes by sliding with rubber shoes.

BEARFITNESS® will respond to all warranty activation requests by filling in the following form and in the following way:

  • Written request to our assistance service at the email: [email protected], accompanied by: invoice / order holder, number and date of order / invoice, photos and / or videos indicating the defect and the entire product
  • Sending the product deemed defective to our office or the one indicated by the assistance service, after prior agreement with our Assistance Office
  • Analysis and evaluation by our technicians
  • In case of acceptance by our Service Department, the product will be replaced under warranty
  • In the event that the defect is not covered by the warranty, our Service Office will propose the return of the product as it was, a repair if allowed or a replacement in agreement with the customer


WARRANTY Product Categories


  • Lifetime warranty of all barbell bars for breakage, only if used on a suitable rubberized floor of not less than 20 mm or on a suitable Bearfitness lifting platform
  • Lifetime warranty for sleeves, self lubricated bushings, small components
  • Up to 5 years warranty for all rolling bearings
  • Up to 2 years warranty for barbell bar coatings
  • Up to 2 years warranty for the Aluminum Barbells
  • Warranty expires in the following cases:
    • Damage caused by use other than that specific for the barbell
    • Use on floors not covered with rubber, or with rubber thickness less than 2 cm
    • Use with non-rubberized discs
    • Use of the barbell on an unsuitable surface or directly on protruding metal and / or non-metal elements
    • Opacification of the surfaces are not considered within the warranty as a result of normal wear
    • Use in humid, dusty, magnetic environments
    • Use by users with high acid charge

Bumper Plates, Weightlifting Plates, Fractional Plates

  • All bumper plates with internal stainless steel ring are tested to exceed 60,000 shots of 2.5 meters
  • The 5 kg bumper plates must not be dropped if used individually on each side
  • 3 month warranty for loosening of the internal bushing
  • 6 month warranty for 5 and 10 kg Bumper Plates
  • 2 year warranty for 15/20/25 kg Bumper Plates
  • No guarantee on 2.5 and 5 kg technical discs as they must not be dropped
  • The activation of the warranty will be valid only if the defect is promptly reported when the product variation appears: loosening of the internal bushing or micro-cracking
  • No type of Bumper with advanced defects will be evaluated
  • Warranty will not be applied in the event of the Bumper falling on a non-rubberized surface or with a rubberized floor thickness of less than 2 cm, and in the event that the product is used on a non-cushioning floor.
  • Warranty will not be applied in the event that the Bumpers are: dropped on the ground or on a rubber floor, or stored outdoors, subjected to the sun and atmospheric phenomena that could vary the characteristics of hardness and consistency.
  • Discolorations or stains will not be considered under warranty as they derive from the common use of the product


  • 5 month warranty on all collars

Kettlebell & Dumbbells

  • 1 year warranty
  • Products which are dropped on the ground causing the rubber to rupture, bend or crack, are not covered by the warranty.
  • Rust resulting from contact with objects that could cause scratching or bruising are not covered by the warranty

Sandbag, Wreck bag, Power bag, and all weighted bags 

  • 1 year warranty
  • A slight spill of sand is considered a normal behavior of these items and therefore is not covered by the warranty
  • Product is not covered by the warranty if it is used on concrete flooring

Med balls 

  • 1 year warranty
  • Product is not covered by warranty if used on concrete floors
  • Product is not covered by warranty if the med balls are thrown on the floor; their only use is the throw towards the wall
  • After prolonged use the med balls can lose their shape / roundness / balance, this behavior is considered normal
  • Color fading is considered normal wear of the article therefore does not provide warranty coverage
  • Storage of the med balls must be carried out individually on supports or on the ground and must not be piled up with weights above, as this last solution could generate the ovalization of the same
  • They must not be used to sit on, this behavior could lead to the ovalization of the product and the loss of warranty coverage

Slam Ball

  • 6 month warranty
  • The warranty voids if it is used on concrete floors
  • Air leakage from the valve is considered normal behavior, it is important to keep the pressure inside the ball
  • Color fading is considered normal behavior, is therefore not covered by the warranty


Climbing Rope

  • 8 month warranty
  • The warranty lapses in the case of use and storage in the external area
  • Manila ropes can lose fibers during use and contact with shoes, therefore it is not considered a behavior that provides warranty coverage

Modular RIG

  • Lifetime warranty on all products in each line for the following:
    • Welding
    • Broken bars, crossbars, columns
  • 5 year warranty for metal parts made for outdoor use
  • 2 year warranty for all liquid and powder coatings
  • Discoloration of the surfaces will not be considered under warranty as they are due to wear and tear due to the use of the product
  • Warranty coverage ends in the following cases:
    • Rust generated by scratches, chips, dents
    • Improper use of the product or accessory
    • Oxidation generated inside the tubulars and hole edges present in the articles
    • Oxidation generated by cleaning with chemical detergents
    • Oxidation and discoloration generated by use by rubbing the grip of hands or other accessories

Wooden Products

  • 2 year breakage guarantee
  • The following cases are not considered under warranty:
    • Chipping due to blows on the edge of the product
    • Defect or deformation after absorption of water or liquids in general
    • Improper use of the product
    • Discoloration of the product due to use or use in outdoor environments or subjected to heat sources or exposed to the sun
    • Deformations due to exposure in the outdoor environment or in the sun

Product in leather, rubber, fabric

  • 1 year warranty
  • The following are not considered under warranty:
    • Notches or cracks due to impact with sharp edges and / or blades and / or metallic and / or non-metallic objects
    • Discoloration due to contact with liquids or exposure to the sun or in damp and outdoor environments
    • Incorrect use of the product
    • Fall of the product on supports or metallic components of the Rig and / or not

Hemp, polyester, nylon, neoprene, polypropylene, pvc ropes

  • 6 month warranty
  • The following are not considered under warranty:
    • Notches or cracks due to impact with sharp edges and / or blades and / or metallic and / or non-metallic objects
    • Incorrect use of the product

Shield, Plyo Box Soft

  • 6 month warranty
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