BearFitness® was born from the PASSION
for sports and challenges.

“We are sportsmen who produce sports equipment.
Our products allow everyone, regardless of age and sex or athletic training, to carry out a healthy workout, at home or in the gym.”

Our installations in the world

  • Cross Training Boxes
  • Functional training area in gyms and fitness centers
  • Weightlifting and Powerlifting centers
  • Sports associations of Olympic sports
  • Personal Training Studios
  • Medical and sports rehabilitation centers
  • School and university gymnasiums
  • Hotels
  • Residential centers
  • Corporate wellness centers
  • Outdoor training areas
  • Calisthenics areas
  • Home & Garage Gyms
  • Military Training Centers
  • Obstacle course race
  • Events & challenges & throwdowns
  • Resorts

Research and development

The heart of our company is the research and development department that, with the help of experienced engineers and fitness professionals, is able to materialize the physical needs dictated by training in equipment and machines that improve the user’s performance. The continuous commitment in the research of new materials and solutions allow a continuous improvement of the products that guarantee an always greater reliability and durability over time as well as the peculiar characteristic functionality combined with an always refined aesthetics.


Designing means conceiving and studying the possibilities to perform. Every day our technicians develop new projects, born from ideas and real needs, that allow us to materialize products and solutions for the improvement of competitive performance and basic training. We design using the best three-dimensional and simulation computer tools, to obtain products at the final stage without further revision processes.


We totally manage the production process of all our products, from the procurement of raw materials, to every single phase of the production process up to the acceptance at our main warehouse. Every single phase includes a control phase to keep the product quality standard high. All our suppliers are certified and supervised quarterly to ensure the achievement of quality, productivity and cost objectives. The modern production and management technologies allow us to manage all sales forecasts in real time.


The center of our mission is the person, regardless of age or physical condition. Our equipment is designed and built to allow everyone to achieve optimal psycho-physical well-being by training the whole body with appropriate functional equipment.

The optimal psycho-physical wellbeing for BEARFITNESS® means:

  • Efficiency in every situation
  • Energy and vitality
  • Feel good about yourself and with others

We research and study new products and solutions that allow everyone to be able to train in every situation and condition to achieve the well-being established.


Our Vision is to assert ourselves as producers of efficient innovative solutions of total quality combined with a style aesthetic that reflects the criteria of the culture of MADE IN ITALY.


Our strategy for the promotion of functional training with the help of our equipment is supported by a continuous collaboration with trainers and professional teams, that deal with sports and specific and general training. This partnership allows us to face specific problems and develop solutions that find applications also in fitness for wellness and everyday life.